Sunday, May 13, 2012

DMG Episode 6-Diablo III

DMG-Discussing Media and Games-Episode 6-Diablo III

From the depths of hell the beast awakens once again.  Thought to be dead, and almost forgotten, Diablo rises once more to conquer the earth!  Will Doudrious and CtrlAltLee stand up to the challenge and face his armies and minions in this episode of DMG-Discussing Media and Games?  Listen in as CtrlAltLee and Doudrious tackle Diablo III Beta before the game is released at midnight!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DMG-Episode 5-Beauty and the Beast 3D

Episode 5
Beauty and the Beast 3D

Two men, a girl and a castle! Listen in this week as CtrlAltLee and Doudrious are enchanted by the beast that is the beauty of Beauty and The Beast!

Sorry for the late release CtrlAltLee and myself were sick last week and our productivity went down the drain.  But we're back and ready for more.  

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